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Alignment Healthcare

Patient Member Mobile Application


Alignment Healthcare was looking for a partner that could deliver more than a basic mobile application experience. With a plan to launch a patient-facing member application handling sensitive information, as well as providing access to Teladoc® services 24/7, they needed a partner capable of tightly integrated design and development, and working closely with project stakeholders to validate use cases for members to make vital adjustments to the product strategy. This is where Emerge was able to provide & deliver critical value.

Healthcare mobile application in clinic setting


Alignment partnered with Emerge to design, develop, and launch a mobile application that would serve as a part of their ecosystem, permitting members on the go, at home, or in a care setting to engage, and easily access account related information and navigate their healthcare journey.

Our teams worked closely to integrate the iOS and Android mobile apps–built using React Native–with Alignment’s enterprise cloud API services. The application needed to adhere to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) best practices and make data protection a priority, so Emerge leveraged its extensive experience in data security and best-of-breed application development processes to deliver a turnkey solution for Alignment Healthcare.

Healthcare mobile application in use
Healtcare insurance identity system
Insurance claim mobile application
Healtcare insurance identity system


The combined team was able to concept, design, and develop this app in just 6 months. The resulting Alignment Health Plan 24/7 Concierge Care Member App allows members to easily view their member ID card, benefit information, check claim status, and connect with a doctor 24/7.

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