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Hot hot hot!

Hot hot hot!

When Hot Studio wanted to push the boundaries of “awesome-on-any-screen” we said sure, no problem. Drupal was the perfect platform.

If you want a challenge, try making a cutting-edge website that communicates the spirit, energy and vision of a cutting-edge company. If you really want a challenge, try doing that for an interactive design firm. But a new site for our long-term partners and industry-leading experience crafters Hot Studio? Now you’ve got an Emerge-worthy challenge!

As the CEO and Founder of HotStudio, Maria Giudice, said herself: “If you think it’s hard to get everyone in your company aligned around something as supposedly simple as the choice of a single word or a color palette, imagine being one of a team of 10 designers, producers, and technologists who had to satisfy one another… and the other 40 brilliant and opinionated people who work at Hot Studio! Let me tell you, it was not an easy task.”

Well, Maria, if it was easy, anybody could do it! Push the envelope, then push some more. Stretch the flexibility of the Content Management System, across multiple content types, contributors and audiences. Take the notion of a fluid layout to new extremes, all while maintaining pixel-perfect accuracy and a seamless, intuitive user experience. Oh, and since HotStudio has been leading the way in designing tablet experiences, make sure it excels on the iPad.  You know what it’s like when everyone *thinks* they’re an expert. Well, when Hot Studio is your client, everyone IS an expert. But instead of “too many cooks,” the result instead speaks to the dedication, smarts and talent of an extremely productive partnership. Cheers!

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