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Dynamic Grammys

Dynamic Grammys

You’ve sponsored the Grammy Awards and now you want rich media as dynamic as the show itself. Leading up to and after the big show you have several distinct campaign phases, each with it’s own unique creative treatments, but you don’t want to retraffic a whole slew of banners each time- it would be great if the campaign could automatically change on, say, Sunday morning. As ever, k-weight is tight and there’s a lot of awesomeness to squeeze in. Oh, and we only have six weeks. Possible? Envelope please…

You bet it is. Thanks to time-based content when the show started on the east coast viewers there saw banners announcing the big moment had finally begun, while viewers anxiously waiting on the West coast continued to experience media counting down with them. Working with Google DoubleClick’s Rich Media Dynamic Ad (RMDA) platform we created rich units that a pizza-fueled Wieden + Kennedy team could change up on the fly while watching the show- if a giant eagle had swooped in to carry away Lady Gaga’s egg, it would have showed up in banner within minutes. All executed in a remarkably tight turnaround, naturally!

A few fun facts:  

  • Real-time ad content manipulation during live Grammy awards; watched on CBS.com or vevo (Doubleclick RMDA ad platform)
  • Single ad unit displayed time-based content
  • Fast turn 4 phases in less than 6 weeks; including new platform and high-visibility live event

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