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Emerge Joins Aruba’s Meridian Engage Partner Program

Emerge Joins Aruba’s Meridian Engage Partner Program

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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Delivering innovation at the speed of mobile and IoT.

The world is changing. Rapidly. And Emerge is changing with it. This week, we announced a change that will keep us at the developing edge of location- and context-aware mobile capabilities.

As a new member of the Meridian Engage Partner program, Emerge will be even better equipped to provide our clients with comprehensive, end-to-end mobile and IoT solutions. The program is powered by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Originally known as Aruba Networks, Inc. before being acquired by HP in 2015, Aruba is a leading provider of next-gen networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes, worldwide.

The new technology partnership between Emerge, a Digital Agency, and Aruba will help us enable our clients to scale mobile engagement. By leveraging Aruba beacons, sensors, and the Meridian Mobile Engagement platform, we’ll be ready to design and develop innovative wayfinding and location-aware apps, along with venue-specific, custom solutions for a host of clients, customers, and contexts.

Jonathon Hensley, our CEO, summed it up this way: “Together, our technologies significantly simplify the process of delivering future-facing mobile solutions for brands and community destinations. The technologies are a perfect fit.”

Given current trends, we predict a much deeper adoption of mobile apps within retail, healthcare, enterprise, and public venues of all kinds. With the Mobile Engagement platform built in, our solutions will continue to prove our promise to build things that matter in an always-on world — from personalized guest and customer experiences, to turn-by-turn indoor navigation, to performance that brings venues to life. All of it laddering to a seamless mobile experience.

As champions of experience design, we’re passionate about the user journey. All the more so given how fast their journey is changing. As a Meridian Engage Partner, we’re able to deliver on that passion like never before.

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