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Emerge Joins Hyphen (formerly GraphCMS) Partner Network

Emerge Joins Hyphen (formerly GraphCMS) Partner Network

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As more of our projects leverage Headless Content Management Systems (Headless CMS), we’ve been able to evaluate and work with many of the CMS solutions in the marketplace. One solution that has been standing out to us for a long time is Hyphen, which was the first Headless CMS to use GraphQL instead of a RESTful API. We consider GraphQL superior to REST, and a standard that will become ubiquitous over the coming years. 

After working closely with the Hyphen team, and seeing the investments they’ve been making into the next generation of their platform, we decided to formalize our partnership with their team by joining the Hyphen partner network. This partnership will allow Emerge to offer our clients the very latest solutions that Hyphen has to offer, while allowing Hyphen to strengthen their positioning on the west coast to further assist companies in delivering digital experiences at scale.

“We’re pleased to start a relationship with a partner as forward thinking as Emerge, giving us great potential to work with companies together in the US, and I look forward to us collaborating.”

Michael Lukaszczyk, Co-Founder and CEO, Hyphen

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