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E-commerce Platforms

Emerge helps you increase website conversions, order size and repeat sales

Whether you are a retail E-commerce company selling product direct to consumers or a technology company selling software subscriptions, our expertise and capabilities help your company improve your E-commerce performance.

Our end-to-end E-commerce project capabilities entail optimization strategy, user experience and interface design, and technology implementation.

E-commerce Platforms


We help clients create a clear path to realizing your E-commerce platform goals. Leverage our expertise to help you evaluate and select the right software partners (such as Digital River, Magento, Shopify) and to create functional and system integration requirements for complex E-commerce deployments.


Our user experience solutions enable new sales channels, increase conversions and lower costs by improving workflows.


When implementing your ecommerce solution, we ensure it boosts your bottom line, systematically maximizing relevant traffic, site engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty. We are experts at integrating E-commerce platforms with your existing solutions, such as CMS, CRM, ESB, IAM, and payment provider.

Improve online sales conversions.

Industry Expertise

Our experts evaluate software partners to find the best solutions for your business.

E-commerce UX

Benefit from our user experience expertise to drive conversions.

Integrate Seamlessly

We leverage the power of your existing systems through real-time integrations and API connections.

We’ve helped a wide range of clients improve their E-commerce metrics.


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