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Comprehensive technology leadership and management of web and mobile application development.

To deliver a great digital experience across every screen you need to prioritize continuous delivery, integrate real user feedback, collect data and improve based upon new insights. We help our clients bridge the execution gap offering end-to-end technology planning, implementation and management to provide peace-of-mind, increased quality, and lower their risk.

Technology Planning & Evaluation

A robust technology strategy aligns your platform to your business goals while lowering your risks and costs by mapping out all components of your ecosystem against a roadmap that will future proof your investments.

Solution Architecture

The Solution Architecture aligns the vision for all current and future solutions, applications and processes of your organization. This documentation speeds up time to market by ensuring that applications integrate with each other in order to address specific needs.

Web Development

Gain the competitive advantage by applying best practices to application development, thus lowering your total cost of ownership by avoiding the pitfalls of poor code quality and technical debt that set back other companies.

Mobile App Development

Deliver the best mobile app experience to your users by building a comprehensive mobile app ecosystem that includes backend services, administration systems and hosting infrastructure while leveraging the power of your existing systems through real-time integrations and API connections.

Enterprise Custom Application Development

Reduce complexity and increase adoption through a technology-agnostic, user-focused approach to architect, manage, engineer and test enterprise web and mobile applications that are secure, scalable, and highly usable.

Systems Integration & API Development

Save money and time by integrating your existing systems into your digital platform. Enabling your systems to talk to each other improves workflow, automates repetitive tasks and avoids data duplication.

Emerge has done a fantastic job. They created a tool that fulfilled all our expectations and is ready for distribution. Emerge was also highly responsive about addressing the requirements we’d forgotten.

Adam Wendt CEO, Trifoia

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