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Join our Design Portland workshop “Avoiding Design Debt in a Constantly Evolving Digital Landscape” on April 12, 2019

Join our Design Portland workshop “Avoiding Design Debt in a Constantly Evolving Digital Landscape” on April 12, 2019

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What is design debt, and what does it mean for the design of digital products & services

No matter what digital design discipline you ascribe to, be it strategic or tactical, when it comes to websites, mobile applications, web-based tools, and more — you’ll want to come and listen to what our panel has to say around the topic at our Design Portland (formerly Design Week) presentation on Friday, April 12th, from 2-3pm at Emerge’s offices on 412 SW 12th Avenue, in Portland Oregon.

We’ll be talking about design debt, bringing to light our unique individual experiences around it, and discussing practical ways to helping avoid it.


Damon Gaumont, Event Host & Creative Director at Emerge

Damon guides brands accountably through the creation of digital experiences by tapping his background and expertise in brand building, creative strategy, and experience design. His belief that all digital experiences work best with a clearly defined vision up-front is the first step in an accountable process that culminates with beautifully usable and inherently humanized branded digital experiences.

Deb Mrazek, Founding Partner of Curiate

With over 30 years of experience creating and driving design strategy, Deb strives to leverage the intersection of customer-value, business-benefits, and corporate capabilities. Through a combination of theory and practice, coaching and doing, she has helped institutes from startups to Fortune 100s, governments and NGOs develop user-centered strategies and work with teams to integrate these strategies into organizations’ overall plans of record. As a systems thinker, Deb has developed an array of frameworks, tools, and platforms to leverage the power of design and systems thinking at the team, group, organizational and global levels. She is considered a leading authority on Design Value. Deb holds an M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Human Factors and a B.S.E. in System Engineering.

Jeff Crowl, Project Manager, Scrum Master, & Scaled Agilist

Jeff thrives in ambiguous environments, building consensus and engagement with teams and stakeholders alike. He brings more than ten years of project management experience from a range of sectors, including Fitness, Banking/Finance, IT, Healthcare, and Non-Profit organizations. Whether the project calls for Scrum, Waterfall or an agile hybrid of the two, he’s ready to support the success of his clients.

Tyesha Snow, Product & UX Strategy Consultant

Tyesha specializes in bringing a strong, strategic, design thinking approach to building digital products and telling stories. She is a multidisciplinary practitioner with extensive experience leading both creative and engineering teams. She excels at doing early concept, strategy, and design work because of her creative problem-solving talents and ability to synthesize broad ranges of ideas, functionality, and data, bringing business goals to life in elegant, user-center solutions. Tyesha finds joy in guiding and managing other creative professionals, and in participating in thought leadership activities to represent her discipline and improve the experience of women, and people of color in tech and design.

[UPDATE] Tickets are sold out. To be added to the wait-list, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dwp-2019-avoiding-design-debt-in-a-constantly-evolving-digital-landscape-tickets-56261021229

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