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Meet the Newest Members of Emerge’s Creative Team

Meet the Newest Members of Emerge’s Creative Team

Emerge is happy to announce some new additions to our creative team! Tamara Crawford has stepped into the role of Creative Director, bringing with her a wealth of experience from agencies of varying size. She’s worked with brands in retail, athletics, music, beauty, and technology-a great complement to our portfolio of clients

Her leadership style is centered on the essential question of motivation. For team members, this means understanding what drives them at an individual level. When working with clients, Tamara urges them to discover the true reasons why their audience cares. She starts by examining what each unique client is trying to accomplish, and what will motivate people to embrace this.

Tamara’s leadership is also guided by team dynamics. Her goal is always to have everyone leave a meeting happier than when it started. This satisfaction is cultivated by collaborating with the team to find a shared vision, so that everyone has a piece of the ownership. She understands that happiness results from clarity, understanding, and purpose throughout the creative process. “Provide that,” she says, “and a good dose of sensibility, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a motivated team.”

As Creative Director, she’ll be responsible for leading brand and user experience strategy for our clients. She will be working closely with the executive team to bring the vision for Emerge to life and to grow our creative team. In her free time, she’s a metalsmith for her very own jewelry line and commits time to community gardening.

Joining her on the creative team is Jeremy Cohen, our new Interactive Production Designer. Jeremy brings with him experience in pre-press, production, business identity development, type design, web design and development, and interactive flash experiences. When he’s away from work, he enjoys low-budget films from the ‘70s, and has a goal to run a marathon someday. We’re very excited to welcome them both to the Emerge family!

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