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Emerge Welcomes Jordan Bryant & Nate Webb

Emerge Welcomes Jordan Bryant & Nate Webb


In Portland, spring is the season that keeps on giving. Flowering trees, edible gardens, and the bright green of new growth continue to rollout week after week. Intrepid in the face of wind and rain, colorful blossoms hang tough. Hidden seedlings emerge everywhere. Eagles wheel overhead. Nature itself whispers, “unfurl your gifts and grow!”

Here at Emerge, we’re answering that call, and are forging forward at speed. Case in point, we’ve recently joined forces with Chamber DS, a mobile innovation company focused on creating custom mobile solutions for businesses large and small. Jordan Bryant and Nate Webb, Chamber’s CEO and Business Development Manager, respectively, are also now a welcome part of our stellar team.

Jordan Nate

Jordan, a self-proclaimed fitness junkie and passionate learner, is a serial entrepreneur. From his upbringing in a family of small-business owners, to his first start-up at age 19, through a host of independent ventures spanning painting, construction, travel, marketing, and technology, Jordan has blended a degree in applied economics with real-world, school of hard-knocks experience. This gave rise to his passion for lean methodology and concept validation through iterative development. But digital is where Jordan had his real “aha!” moment — a realization that brought his entire focus to bear on mobile innovation and strategy.

As our Director of Mobile Strategy, Jordan leads mobile thought-leadership for Emerge. He’s fueled by an insatiable appetite for disrupting mobile on a global scale, and a desire to make a meaningful impact.

Nate Webb, a self-motivated, seasoned, energetic sales executive, brings to Emerge more than nine years of measurable experience in talent acquisition, project management, and technology sales. Nate’s deep expertise in relationship development, creative problem-solving, and strategy are already amplifying our reach and opportunity. With a long tenure in Portland startups, creative agencies, and publicly traded corporations, Nate holds a well-deserved reputation as a highly respected, capable, and ethical individual. His collaborative spirit and penchant for giving back make him a seamless addition to our team.

As our Business Development Manager, Nate builds powerful connections with progressive companies seeking a digital partner that can move them forward.

In the language of spring, Jordan and Nate are powerful additions to a garden that will yield a fruitful full year ahead.


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